Backyard Eggs

by Dev

Highlands Ranch, CO (Kently Hills near Mountain Vista)

Organic and CageFree

No antibiotics or hormones

Price: $3 for 6, $6 for 12 fresh organic food feed, free range happy chicken eggs

Pick up available: Every Friday afternoon from my house (Wildcat & Summit View, walking distance from SVE school)

Eggs are limited quantities each week and first come first serve basis. Limited quantities because I do not feed then Hormones or Steroids.

My popular and sought after 'Backyard Chicken Tour' includes pick-your-egg, chicken feeding experience, and learning about chicken breeds. Due to COVID-19, tours are currently suspended. We are monitoring CDC/other state guidelines and will update tour re-opens. In your email, please mention that you are interested in tour and I will keep you posted. There is no extra charge for the tour.

To order please email me at backyardeggsbydev(at)

Profits will be donated to Dev's favorite Animal shelter.